Be Bold! 5 Design Trends that are IN!

Living Large has teamed up with Interior design firm, InteriorEdge, to bring you 5 interior design trends to be on the lookout for in 2019.

Nature Elements Living Large

Natural elements – seeking connections with nature!

2019 is putting an emphasis on nature. The connection between humankind and nature is undeniable – there’s no escaping it. This trend is making it’s way into your home this year. Natural, organic materials such as stone, sunlight, plant life and woods are all being used to remind us of the outdoors – indoors! Yes, we might sound like a broken record, but bringing the outside in is a huge trend this year.


With this in mind – we have some beautiful pottery available that makes a great natural statement for indoor plants. These are exclusively made by Hillfold Pottery! Feel free to contact us for orders! Limited stock available.

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2. Metals

We’ve mentioned it before and we’re going to mention it again – because we’re positive about this one! Metals are here to stay (for 2019 at least). Rose gold is taking a back seat, however, with copper accents taking the spotlight this year!

Create a chic look and feel by combining coppers and bold statement colours in your home this year.


3. Fabulous Florals!

Jip! Floral is back! With an increased desire to bring nature back into our lives, the floral has found it’s way back into our homes. Before you get upset, we’re not talking old fashioned grandma style florals.  We’re talking bold, overstated proportions and daring contrast floral patterns. Keep your eye out for this as floral patterned wallpaper is expected to make a statement throughout 2019.

Looking for some great wallpapers for a feature wall in your home? Watch this space! We’re working on getting you some!

Inteerior Design Rich Colour Palettes Living Large

4. Richer Colour Palettes

Speaking of bold floral patterns, it seems that richer colour palettes are making it’s way back too! While muted colours help avoid making spaces feel overwhelming, richer colour palettes will make your more muted furniture stand out. Be on the lookout for warm happy colours such as red, pinks, yellows and organic greens to help update any tired looking room!

Black interior design pillows Living Large

5. Black is back

2019 is all about being bold, dark and sultry! What better way to be all of that in one single colour – black! Create contrast with beautiful black finishings – be it metals, baskets or through means of other décor items.

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